Eating clean is a wonderful lifestyle choice.  I think we can all agree on that.  It’s healthy, tasty, supports local farms, and allows you to be really involved in what you are eating.  As I’ve begun this transition, I have noticed that I’m enjoying shopping for groceries, seeing cooking as a joy rather than a chore, and truly savoring my food.

But speaking of savoring, one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far is giving up some of the overly processed, unhealthy foods I’ve lived with and loved for too long.  Unhealthy as they may be, they’re also really comforting.


Like pancakes.  Not a Saturday morning goes by that I don’t fight the urge to grab the Bisquick or run to the nearest international house of buttery delight. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, so foods full of that good ol’ processed-to-death flour and sugar have always been a weakness for me.  Syrup-slathered, sugar-dusted, whipped cream-topped… yes, yes, yes.

There has to be another way.

I am in no way interested in going gluten-free or anything that extreme, but one thing I have learned in my still brief study of clean eating is that there is usually a “cleaner” way of making those sweet little processed foods.  I’ve heard of people substituting bananas for butter, and recently made some bran muffins that used honey and molasses as sweeteners as opposed to refined sugar.

I know that short of forgoing restaurants altogether, which I’m not prepared to do,  it’s impossible to avoid the refined stuff completely.  Home, however, is another matter.  As cooks have said for time out of mind: my kitchen, my rules.

So here’s my question, dear new readers: what are your go-to ways to clean up old recipes? If you have any tips or favorite clean-up substitutions, please share them!


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