Jus D’Orange

Eating clean means a lot more cooking than the average American in 2013 might be used to.  That’s certainly been true for me.  There’s a lot of talk about how cooking at home is better because you can control what’s in your food.  But this afternoon, after I indulged myself in a little Starbucks (I’m cutting back – really), I started thinking about applying this principle to drinks as well.

It goes without saying that the white mocha I had this afternoon is loaded with calories and sugar.  Sugar is bad.  Soda is bad.  And so on.  In the past, when I’ve gone on a “healthy eating kick,” I’ve tried to cut out those things and drink mostly water, milk, and juice.  Sounds good, right?  I thought so too.  Even with my healthy breakfasts I wrote about recently, I sometimes have a glass of orange juice.  But even “healthy” juices are often loaded with extra sugar.  What’s a girl to do?!  Tonight, I walked into the kitchen and inspiration hit.


Just this morning, I fought the urge to pour a glass of Simply Orange (which I think is at least better than other processed juices), but I absolutely cannot go the rest of my days just drinking water and herbal tea.  I mean, I love them both, but I need a little more variety.  So when I saw this bag of more oranges than I’ll be able to eat before they go bad, I realized I had a solution to both problems.


I bought a juicer (not a fancy appliance – just the old-fashioned one pictured above) recently to juice an orange for a recipe.  Tonight, I juiced about ten.  It was such an easy process too – cut the orange in half, juice both halves, then strain the juice.  I’m not a pulp fan – if you are, you get to save a step – high-five!


I happened to have a box of huge Ball jars in the pantry left over from my kitchen herb garden – what better use to put one to?  In the end, I only got about half a jar’s worth of juice, but it’s a good start, right?  I bought a 4-lb. bag of oranges for right around $4.00 at the store, and while this is not as much juice as you’d get in a carton for that much money, at least I know what’s in it.  That’s worth a few bucks at least!

So, moment of truth: it tasted delicious.   And I’m very happy that I’ll get to have orange juice with my bran muffins tomorrow.


This is definitely one to try out this summer!  It’s easy, it’s healthy, and it’s so refreshing.  Cheers!


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