Let Food be Thy Medicine

I’m no stranger to medicine.  I’ve had more sinus infections than I can count over the years and can’t really remember a time when allergies were not part of my life.  And I’m not talking about seasonal allergies.  I’m talking year-round.  Enter the various cocktails of antibiotics.  Don’t get me wrong.  Given the pain and suffering a sinus infection can bring on, I’ve come to regard antibiotics as nothing short of life-savers.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Try not being able to breathe through your nose – at all – and get back to me.

It wasn’t until sometime in college that I learned about things like antibiotic resistance and serious side effects and started to wonder just what else these sweet little life-savers could be doing to our bodies.  I’m sure by now we’re all aware of the potentially dangerous side effects of some medicines, but many of us feel like we have no choice but to take the risk.  And often, we don’t.  Don’t mistake me for a second: modern medicine is a miracle.  I just don’t want to over-do it.

A couple of weeks ago, I developed what I’m fairly certain was a mild case of thrush, which is simply an overgrowth of a particular fungus in your mouth – sexy!  It took me a couple of days to figure this out, but once I did a little research and talked to a pharmacist, I can’t say that I was surprised – I’d recently been on antibiotics and some strong allergy medicine.  It all suddenly made perfect, if gross, sense.

When I said I spoke to a pharmacist, I mean that I actually spoke to three.  Yes.  Three.  I wasn’t satisfied with the answer that I’d need to go back to a doctor and get – you guessed it – another prescription.  So I finally did the very thing you’re “never supposed to do” – I GOOGLED.  And oh boy, am I glad I did.

I found that I wasn’t alone in wanting to save the time and money it would take to get a prescription to cure something like this.  After reading articles from Food Matters, Natural News, and even Live Strong (say what you will about Lance, the info here is pretty good),  I knew what I needed to get.


That’s right.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  The best-kept secret in fungus-removal.  The acidity is supposed to kill the fungus and restore a normal, harmonious balance.  I knew it might not work.  I knew it might not be enough.  But I had to try.  Why put more medicine into my body when nature might have a cure?  I started off with a generic brand, but after reading that the raw and unfiltered vinegar was much stronger and better suited for this kind of work, I spent the five bucks to get it.  After swishing and rinsing and even just drinking about a tablespoon of the vinegar in half a glass of water for a few days, I am happy to report everything is back to normal.  How easy was that?!  One word of caution: I did make sure to brush my teeth after I did this – while acidity might be what you want for getting rid of fungus, it’s not so great on your enamel.  Along the way, I also read that yogurt is good for keeping bacteria in balance (I’d heard that before), and that sugary foods feed the fungus.  One more reason to cut out the white stuff.

I have to say, I’m thrilled that this worked!  Are there still times I’ll have to take medicine?  Of course.  But having a natural remedy like this on hand will help me save money and time, and give me a little more peace of mind about what goes into my body.  If you have any other natural remedies, send them my way!


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