The Bee’s Knees

Hi there, friends!  It’s been a little while since my last post, and once again, I blame grading papers.  (Have I used that excuse up yet?)  But since today is a snow day here on the east coast, I thought I’d use it to catch up.

A few weeks ago, I got a totally unexpected and totally amazing present in the mail.



My favorite ingredient: honey!  And not just any honey.  Local, Virginia honey. A friend from college, Jandi, whom I keep up with on Facebook but haven’t seen in years, reads my blog and, seeing my love for the gold stuff, decided to send me some honey from the bees her grandfather keeps.  Is that the coolest thing ever?

Since this honey is from southwest Virginia, which is about four hours away, it’s not entirely local to me.  I think the rule is within 100 miles if you want to use it to relieve allergies.  That aside, I must say it is truly delicious.  She sent me two kinds: sourwood honey, a “lighter, sweeter honey” according to her letter, and clover honey, which is “darker and richer.”  I have used about half of the clover honey in tea alone!


It feels so good to know that what I’m getting from these cute little bears is honey, pure and simple.  A lot of clean eating recipes I’ve seen and made use honey and encourage shopping outside the grocery store to find the best.

And just in case I used up those bears too quickly, I picked up some more honey when Steve and I went to visit Fallingwater last month.  Sidebar: If you’ve never been there, go.  It’s breathtaking, especially in the fall.


I picked this up in the restaurant at Fallingwater.  It’s from Bumbleberry Farms in Somerset, PA, so not really local to me at all, but oh, is it sweet.  This is one to be savored!

So I am fully stocked for any honey occasion.  I use it in side dishes, muffins, teas, and marinades, and I look forward to finding more sweet recipes!  Starbucks used to make a honey latte (very popular in my grad school days – right, Beth?) – maybe I’ll try my own.  Whether you’re a serious cook or not, honey is, in my opinion, a kitchen staple.  Find your local beekeeper and load up!


One thought on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. Catching up on your goings on, & of course I had to comment on the honey latte. I think we lived on them during that one finals week! A decent substitute (since they don’t do them anymore) is to put a good-sized glob of honey in your coffee w/ cream. It gives the coffee a nice depth that regular sugar just doesn’t provide.

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