Lady in Red

My New Year’s resolution was to blog more, but it’s still early enough in the year to make good on that, right?

So here we go.

For Christmas (yes, we’re going back that far), I got a couple of new and exciting things for my kitchen.  I’ve since used all of them with tasty results.

The Crock-Pot


Let’s go in chronological order.  Steve actually got this for me as a lightning deal on Amazon on Black Friday for eight dollars.  EIGHT DOLLARS!  I can  hardly recall a family dinner without a Crock-Pot present, and it was one of those things on my “to-get” list.   When I finally unpacked mine to take it for a spin, I went with an old standby: roast beef.  One of my favorites of mom’s recipes, it’s simple yet impressive: your choice of beef (I’ve been using chuck roasts lately), three sweet onions chopped in half, a bunch of carrots, and two packets of Lipton onion mushroom soup mix.  Put the veggies in first, meat on top, add the soup mix and a little water, and four hours on high or eight hours on low later, you have an entire meal!

The Dutch Oven


I am so excited about this.  I’ve wanted one of these for a long time, and finally, it’s here.  An enamel-coated cast iron dish, this baby is quite the workout to even get out of the cabinet, but boy is it worth it!  My parents got this for me for Christmas, and I’m already in love.  I have a great recipe for beef and carrots cooked in red wine, and when I made it in the dutch oven, it was a completely different meal.  I cannot begin to tell you how tender the meat was.  I am convinced: every kitchen must have a dutch oven.

The Wok


This was an impulse buy at Ikea.  (The impulse buy is how Ikea makes half of its profits, right?)  I’d been meaning to get a wok for a long time, especially since I’ve got a few really good stir fry recipes that just don’t work in anything else.  I’ve made a few things in this, including a Chinese vegetable stir fry with peanut sauce and, in keeping with my red meat theme, a quick little stir fry of steak, bell peppers, and edamame.  It only takes about 15 minutes to make, so it’s great for those nights when I’m getting home late.

So there you go: red dishes, red meat.  The funny thing is that in eating clean, I’ve been trying to avoid red meat.  In my defense, these three meals constitute 90% of the red meat I’ve had since Christmas.  I’ve actually been trying out some new vegetarian recipes (if you have any favorites, tell me) – stay tuned for that!


One thought on “Lady in Red

  1. love the new kitchen color theme and the enamel coated dutch oven is a favorite of mine, as you know…crock pot not far behind. such good looking cookware, and I DO love a good stir fry. you’re making a girl hungry!

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