Restaurant-less Week

True confession: While I have made great progress in cutting down on how many times I go to Panera or Noodles & Company for lunch in the past few months, I haven’t given them up entirely.  Sometimes I just really crave the food and sometimes I haven’t planned ahead enough to pack my lunch.  But in the interest of health and conserving money, I’ve decided to challenge myself: one work week, no restaurants.  Not even Starbucks.  This should help me save money, save the environment (no paper bags/cups!), and maybe even drop a pound or two.

I have another post in the works about my most recent grocery store trip in which I spent well over a hundred bucks on a week’s worth of food.  So really, there is no excuse for going out to buy more food this week.  What else could I possibly need?!  In planning my last grocery list, I tried to follow Tosca Reno’s clean eating plans.  I didn’t buy every single thing that was on a given plan, but rather used them as a guide.

Lunch containers, reporting for duty!

Lunch containers, reporting for duty!

In trying to eat clean and cook my own food, I have really mastered breakfast.  I always eat breakfast at home and have things like homemade bran muffins, fruits, and nuts.  My downfall is coffee and lunch.  I have a French press that I love, but I often feel rushed to get out the door and don’t take the time to use it.  The same is true for packing lunch.  If it’s packed the night before, I’m golden; if not, there’s a good chance it’s not coming with me.  Couple that with a desire to get away from work for a few minutes and lunch is in serious danger.  I’m hoping that another upshot of staying at work will be that I don’t have as much work to do when I get home.  The perks of this just don’t stop!

So to sum up, my goal of eating food from home this week should help me be healthier, greener, and richer.  All good things!  I hope the luck of the Irish is with me tomorrow to get me off to a good start!  Happy St. Patty’s – go green!


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