Twofer Tuesday: Turkey Version


Until last night, I had never cooked turkey before, not even for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t even make a Tofurkey that year I was a vegetarian.  So instead of starting off with an entire bird, I figured I’d go a little smaller.  I bought some turkey breast fillets at Wegmans for around ten bucks and gave it a whirl!

It turns out cooking these fillets was much more like cooking fish than chicken.  They only needed to go into a 375-degree oven for 15 minutes, or until they were white all the way through.  (I think I cooked them just a minute or two too long, but hey, you live and learn!)  I sprayed my cookie sheet with olive oil first, then lightly salted and peppered the fillets.  Then the kitchen muses descended and inspired me to top them off with some leftover Rosemary sprigs I had.

photo (2)

Not too bad for my first try.  I served it with green beans and toasted Ezekiel bread, which I have recently discovered and will likely write about soon.  I didn’t eat the herb sprigs, but they were too pretty not to photograph.  I was surprised at how much flavor they gave the turkey!   All in all, a good meal!

I was going to have leftovers for lunch today, but I wanted something a little bit different, so I came up with this:

photo (3)
I cut up the leftover turkey fillet and made a scrumptious salad!  There’s baby spinach, bean sprouts, the turkey of course, pecans, and craisins – because you can’t have turkey without cranberries, right?  I topped it off with a little balsamic vinegar and promptly devoured it.

I’m a huge fan of leftovers, but at the same time I get tired of eating the same thing over and over.  It would have been perfectly healthy to have the same meal for lunch, but mixing it up was a lot more fun!  New summer challenge: jazz up all the leftovers!

Till next time, happy cooking!


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