The Milton Market

Last weekend – well, more like almost three weekends ago now, actually (where have I been?!) – Steve and I (along with the rest of the D.C. population) went up and over to Delaware to visit his family for Memorial Day weekend.  Since we left early-ish on Friday, we made it just in time for this:


Steve’s friend Rory, whose family owns Kemp’s Liquors in their hometown of Milton, DE, had a booth set up offering wine and beer tastings.  After tasting a couple of reds, I was off to explore the rest of the market.  There were plenty of booths selling fresh produce and meats, but I was especially excited about the lavender and soap booths!


After walking a couple of laps, I figured out what to buy, although it wasn’t easy!  I couldn’t buy any wine at the market (although I could taste it – silly laws), so I ended up with these wholesome goodies instead:


Fresh strawberries, lavender soap, and homemade applesauce!  Does spring get any better?  The strawberries were perfect, the applesauce was delicious and included a story about how the recipe has been passed down through the maker’s family, and along with the lavender soap, I picked up some fliers with suggestions on how to use culinary lavender!

When we were on the way back home, we did stop at the store and get a bottle of the wine I liked, an Old Vine Zinfandel.  We had a couple friends over for dinner a few nights ago, and this was a big hit!

photo copy

You know I’m a huge fan of farmers’ markets, and this one didn’t disappoint.  I really want to make it a regular thing this spring and summer – what could be better than fresh, local food and supporting your local farms and businesses?



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that summer’s off to a great start!


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