Spring Crafting

This post is not about food.  I know this is a food blog, and we will return to our regularly scheduled recipes soon, but for now, let’s talk about crafts.

I’ve always loved crafts – knitting, jewelry making, decorating cookies (there’s your food!) – really anything.  When I first started seriously cooking, I think it was the creativity that hooked me.  It was so much fun to try new recipes, but I always wanted to put my own spin on things.  And the more I cooked, the more I realized how truly awesome it is to make things myself.  Although I love my food chopper (I will never dice onions again.), I don’t mind peeling potatoes, chopping vegetables, or even washing dishes.  Sure, there are times when I’m in a hurry, but mostly I like the hands-on experience; I feel more connected to what I’m doing.

The same is true for home decor.  I love making wreaths, coming up with new ways to display books or pictures, and making rooms pretty, fun, and personal.  For me, adding my own creative touch makes it home.

Enter the necklace rack.  We have a lot of blue and gray in the bedroom, and when I saw this in Salvaged, our favorite little home decor shop in Delaware, I had to have it.  The pop of yellow was exactly what I’d been wanting.



Adorable, right?  And in terms of storing necklaces, it’s life-changing.  Ever keep them in a jewelry box?  You’ll spend all morning trying to untangle them!  I’ve been really happy with this display, including my ever-growing spider plant, but recently I’ve thought it needed a little something… else.  I’d written on my “home decorating” list to find something to hang up above the necklaces since it’s just blank space, but today instead of finding a thing, I found supplies.


Mixing up paints – and yes, that’s Snow White on the tablet. If you’re not watching ‘Once Upon a Time,’ stop reading and go watch it now.

I went to Michaels just to browse around and found little wooden frames for two dollars a pop.  I’ve seen this kind of thing on Pinterest before, basically framed patterns, and they’re so cute and customizable that I had to have them.  I bought three frames and two pieces of scrapbook paper – I spent a whopping six bucks.  Yes, I had a coupon, and yes, we already had acrylic paints and brushes, but at most you’d spend fifteen dollars for this project – still not bad at all.  I painted each frame a different color and then cut the paper to fit onto the backs.  I tried to glue one, but it didn’t stick that well, so I ended up using Scotch tape.  Yes, Scotch tape.  That’s how complicated this was. IMG_6363


It didn’t take long to complete at all – in fact, the hardest part was mixing up paints to get the colors right to match the necklace rack.  I wanted to stick with gray and yellow as the main colors, but one of the knobs has a blue flower on it, so I decided to pull on that.  Once these were done and taped up, I put Steve to work measuring, leveling, and nailing.  I’m kind of notorious for hanging things up a little crooked, so my hammer has been confiscated… permanently.


My engineer. 🙂

And now, I present you with the finished wall!  It’s a really small thing that I did, but I think it makes a big difference.  It’s fun, it’s whimsical, and it’s my own.  Yes, this took a little bit more time than buying something and hanging it up, and it may not be as fancy as some of the things I could have found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or even Target, but it was fun to do, and it’s original.



Bonus: I didn’t realize until I hung these up that the necklace rack has yellow and white chevron and gray and white floral on it.  It must have been buried in my sub-conscious somewhere, because that’s exactly what I picked for the paper!  Sometimes the magic just happens.  This was a great way to spend the first Saturday of spring – try it out yourself with your color scheme and let me know if you have any other cute DIY projects!

IMG_6393Till next time – happy cooking and crafting!


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